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White Fleck Ceramic Incense Holder

White Fleck Ceramic Incense Holder


Flecked Clay with a white glossy glaze


Width :9.5 - 10cm wide

Height: 3cm high, approx


Fill your home with your favourite incense scent, breath and relax. These beautiful ceramic incense holders take a standard incense stick and catch the ash neatly into the dish. They look perfect in any room in your home, yoga studio and garden and work with any home décor due to the minimal neutral design, perfect for a housewarming gift. Add fragrance to your wedding table and style with our matching candle stick holders.


Each holder is handmade, carefully thrown on a pottery wheel, trimmed, dried, fired, glazed and fired again. It’s a lengthy detailed process that is reflected in my work.  Due to its handmade nature and natural variations in glazes, each holder is unique and may vary slightly in shape and colour, which is why we love handmade.

The base has surface protectors to ensure your furniture is not scratched.

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