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SilverCeramics dark vases

Silverceramics started from a longing to be more creative with my hands. As a child, I was always making something, drawing, crafting, sewing, jewellery, candles... Anything and everything.


I worked in the fashion industry for years, which was amazing and fast-paced, but I mainly sat at a desk and missed making something with my hands. I had a love for interiors and ceramics felt like a natural step. I wanted to try pottery for years but wasn’t brave enough until my partner bought me a pottery course and I was hooked after my first class. I then attended a shared studio and began to sell my work.


I dreamed of building my own little pottery studio in my garden, so when we moved to Hertfordshire that’s what I did.


I hand build and throw on the pottery wheel to make mostly functional and decorative pieces. I’m obsessed with filling my home with fragrance. My incense holders are one of the first pieces I sold and I still love making them, then came the matching candle stick holders to complement them.


I’m inspired by natural tones and love it when the clay is visible. My glazes add another texture and contrast to the clay.


I don’t waste any clay. Every drip and scrap is recycled, which actually makes for the best clay.


I hope you enjoy looking at my shop, feel free to ask me anything.

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